Sunday, 14 November 2010

Last night was strange to say the least. I went to an 18th birthday party where I wasn't even really invited, I was just kind of a plus one. It was in the cutest little bar ever and we got there really early cause my friends have no sense of time, or who would be there at what time what so ever. So we chilled outside for abit "bitchin and pimpin" as my friend Ella would say. When eventually we decide to enter we realised the majority of people had actually stuck to the rubiks cube theme and all had like crazy bright clothes on, whereas i had on a lace dress from topshop and a pair of beautiful expensive purple clog heels. When the party finally heated up abit and the absolutely gorgeous DJ came, (who me and my friend Ella spent the majority of our night staring at because we thought he looked like Hugo White, but then later realised he had a girlfriend) it was actually okay. Until this majorly creepy boy came and tried to get a few of my friends and me drunk, to no prevail with me and Ella cause we don't drink really. However he got my friend Lucy majorly drunk which turned the whole night around to be honest, cause she ended up cheating on her boyfriend with him. Then she came back to mine and was sick numerous times in the toilet and one time in a cup on my floor in my room and on my carpet. Seriously you haven't lived until you've seen your bestfriend be sick in  a cup in your bedroom, that image will forever haunt me i swear, so disgusting. So note to literally everyone who will read this do not let creepy weirdos give your friend a heap of straight, cheap vodka.

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